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06/08/2010 - ArtGame Weekend presented in Budapest ( YGAW by Silicon Sentier)

I met Stef at la Cantine, an involved guy in spreading the DIY culture in Hungaria, at the Drumbeat event in Paris. He was presenting one of his projects, Pipi Longstrings, a set of tools to empower citizens in the legislative process.
As I told him we would visit his hackerspace, he gently proposed Nirina and I to have a 5 minutes speech on a good project we did, during the New Tech Meetup that takes place every month in Budapest and gathers between 80 and 200 tech people.

From there, we prepared a presentation on the ArtGame Weekend (one event created @ La Cantine), as dynamic as possible, betting on our willingness to share the concept with new people rather than on our english vocabulary to make it clear. Let’s see it ; )

And if you want the full, real and true story, less ‘YGAWed’ and more tech, than it is here.

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