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30/04/2010 - La communauté des coworkers rachete le domaine ( Administrator)

La communauté des coworkers rachete le domaine, La Cantine y prend part.

Si vous souhaitez participer à l'effort :

In the span of 30 some hours, nearly $10,000 was raised by around 30 contributors from around the world to go towards the purchase of the domain. The move was abrupt, mostly because it had to be, and in the heat of the discussion one of the issues that we agreed to sort out was a better way of distributing the visible contributorship so that it didn't look like the domain was purchased by the fastest 5% of the community. Furthermore, the old way left out the opportunity for more people to gain access to the same benefits.

Bottom line, we needed to rethink, and make things simpler. All of the confusion was rooted an unnecessary complication.

1. We're having an open enrollment period for two weeks where we'll be taking pledges from everyone who would like to contribute. It goes until May 4th.
2. At the end of that time, we'll find the lowest amount commonly pledged that meets the goal. (simple arithmetic, yay!)
3. Everyone who pledged under that amount will be contacted and given an opportunity to adjust the amount they would like to give, or withdraw from the process.
4. When that is settled people who haven't sent in money will be prompted to (we'll use paypal) and those who have already donated will be refunded any amount over the final amount determined by this exercise.
5. We'll write up a page documenting the event and thanking all the contributors.

Most importantly:
Contributions are going to be coming from individuals, and those individuals are going to be thanked. If you are part of the leadership team of a coworking space, the individuals of that leadership team can be contributors. This will reduce the expectations that this is a "sponsorship", and that any one coworking space has a competitive business advantage over another coworking and in the future. That is not the point of this acquisition.

If you haven't already read this thread [], please do so!

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