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27/08/2010 - Singularity: 2010 exclusive preview of our 14 projects ( YGAW by Silicon Sentier)

Closing ceremony today at Singularity!

Here is an exclusive preview of our 14 projects:

Home Energy Generation

AMUNDA: Powering Humanity
To create a transparent World Energy Market Place where all energy-related information for every location of the world will be visualized, and where buyers and sellers of energy products and services can meet to profitably satisfy their energy needs

Food for Cities

Opportunities in Controlled Environment Agriculture and Vertical Farming
Application of hydroponic food production for decentralized, controlled agricultural production in urban environments

Upcycle: Waste Reduction and Reprocessing of Waste Materials Into Useful Products

BioMine – remediating precious materials for reuse using biological means

Fre3dom – distributed manufacturing to promote self-sustaining communities

i2cycle – innovating industrial cycles to create global materials ecosystems

Sustainable Water Assets: From Water Poverty to Abundance

H2020 –application of data integration technologies new forms of data collection, crowdsourced GIS location specific data and AI tools to identify and match needs and solutions

Sensoria – low cost identification of pollutants through biotech and sensors using new genetics approaches

Naishio – looking at the exponential growth of converging technologies to accelerate low cost desalination and abundant water

Space – To Boldly Stay

Extending humanity into the Solar System: Biologically Enhanced Space Technology – biological materials and biology inspired structures

Cheap Access to Space – Developing a fully reusable externally powered space launch system

Small Satellite Swarms – Building a shared cloud of nano-satellites in Low Earth Orbit to enable space-based services with zero infrastructure investment

AI Labs – An R&D firm to apply general artificial intelligence to increasingly autonomous teleoperated robots and synthetic biology to help create survivable environments, overcome disease and aging, and extend human presence in space

Made in Space – Build spacecraft, tools, and other infrastructure in space using 3D printing technologies

SpaceBio Labs – Providing cheap and easy access to highly functional biological experiments in space on automated platforms that are reliable for long duration experiments


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