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16/08/2010 - SXSW 2011 Pannel : "World Wide Working" "The French Connection: FXSW Collaboration " ( Administrator)

Silicon Sentier propose deux pannels pour South by south west 2011

Le premier traitera de " World Wide Working: Coworking & Collaboration" avec :

Chris Heuer: (@chrisheuer)
Nathanael Sorin-Richez - @LaCantine, Paris (@lacantine, @siliconsentier, @nathatweet)
Elizabeth Varley- @TechHub, London (@TechHub)
Tony Bacigalupo - New Work City, New York (@nwc)
Clement Alteresco - PariSoma, San Francisco (@Parisoma)
Louis Montagne - Bearstech, af83, Silicon Sentier, Paris (@xpoxpo, @bearstech @af83 @siliconsentier )

une rapide présentation :

" With the rise in Independent Professionals and Freelancers comes the rise of the CoWorking movement. Many panels and blog posts have been done on the state of co-working for the individual and how it affects the future of Work. Our panel focuses on the international co-working space from a creation and management perspective. We touch on how each space was created, funded, and continues to operate. We will look at various forms of monetization and sponsorship opportunities. In the spirit of collaboration, we will look at and propose an international network of co-working spaces,and brainstorm ways we can work together to further the movement and build bridges. We will have brief presentations from international CoWorking Spaces in Paris, London, Berlin, San Francisco, New York and Austin. We will then discuss as a group the state of CoWorking from a global and local perspective."

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Le second "The French Connection: FXSW Collaboration"

une rapide présentation :

In 2010 we formed a group of French Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Managers, Sociologists, Innovation Trackers, Techies and Geeks with the common goal of experiencing SXSW through our culture and various backgrounds. Our group included Start-ups, Multinational Companies, Established Brands and Associations. Lovers of new technology and innovation, working together on projects and business partnerships, participating in Think Tanks, CoWorking and Shared Experiences are all part of our daily life. We blogged daily sharing our experiences at SXSW. ( The Lesson? Working together as a team will always produce better results then working alone. The group is a stellar example and we'd like to share it with other international teams. Normally working in offices across Paris, we congregate bi-monthly to discuss SXSW and what we can do to have a successful trip each March, what our goals are, and how we can spread the SXSW spirit into France.

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