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31/05/2012 - They apply to Le Camping | Le Camping (Natha Sorin)

Big picture and trends

For this the third season, Le Camping has received 194 applications, more than the second and the first season.

Thanks to Le Camping’s integration into the European network of accelerators, 80 came from outside France : UK 25%, US 8%, Brazil 5%, Eastern Europe 27%).

The global nature of our applications gives us the bigger picture of current tech trends we want to share with you.

First of all, we have seen these different fields emerged: Leisure and entertainment (15%), Software (11,5%), Retail (10%), Local services (8%), Recruitment HR (7%), Internet publishing content (7%), E-education/learning (6%), Fashion (4%) and finally Travel (3,5%).

Let’s meet on June 4th to discover the season 3 startups together!

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