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Le 22 Mars 2011 de 09h00 à 18h00

Learn how to use and manage your own open source cloud solution, with your hands on.

Build and Use Your Own Cloud Infrastructure with OpenNebula in the RESERVOIR Framework

Build and Use Your Own Cloud Infrastructure with OpenNebula in the RESERVOIR Framework

To pave the way to adoption of cloud technology by businesses, the RESERVOIR project has integrated a set of virtualization and cloud management tools. The training will focus on OpenNebula, a core component of the RESERVOIR project.

OpenNebula 2.0 is a powerful and standard-based open source infrastructure manager and has been enhanced to address the virtual machine and cloud federation requirements of business use cases. OpenNebula is the most advanced open-source platform for building cloud infrastructures, offering unique features for integration, management, scalability, security and accounting.

Training Objectives

The participants will learn about the global architecture of the RESERVOIR Framework, with a particular attention given to the OpenNebula open source component. The training will cover the management aspects: installation, configuration and administration. The participants will also learn about the use of OpenNebula, including private, hybrid and public cloud topologies. The course includes hands-on exercises to be performed using attendee's laptops.


Tuesday March 22, 2011

09.00-09.15    Welcome Coffee

09.15-09.30    Introduction to RESERVOIR Framework

09.30-10.00    OpenNebula Introduction - Installation and Configuration

  >> Philosophy, capabilities, presentation of various cloud architectures

10.00-11.30    OpenNebula Administration and Usage Part I

  >> Various configuration approaches, description of OpenNebula subsystems

11.30-11.45    Coffee Break

11.45-13.15    OpenNebula Administration and Usage Part II

  >> Various configuration approaches, description of OpenNebula subsystems

13.15-14.00    Lunch

14.00-15.30    Hybrid Cloud Computing

  >> Extending infrastructure to external providers (e.g. Amazon EC2)

15.30-17.00    Public Cloud Computing and Advanced Topics

  >> From private to public cloud: installation and configuration of interfaces

  >> OpenNebula extension and adaption

17.00-17.15    Coffee Break

17.15-17.45    OpenNebula Integration with Other RESERVOIR Components (Claudia …)

17.45-18.00    Concluding remarks


CETIC - - Stéphane Mouton, R&D Team Leader at CETIC and RESERVOIR Training Co-ordinator; Michaël Van de Borne, R&D Engineer at CETIC and RESERVOIR Training Co-ordinator.


La Cantine
151 rue Montmartre
Passage des Panoramas
12 Galerie Montmartre
75002 PARIS


Registration is free of charge BUT needs to be confirmed by e-mail to as attendance is restricted to 20 persons. So don’t wait to register!

Target Audience

Professionals operating services and infrastructure, looking for flexibility and standardisation:

IT infrastructures owners and managers
IT infrastructures operators
IT infrastructures users
Service/SaaS providers
Prior Knowledge

Principle of cloud computing and virtualisation

Linux and network administration


All training materials are in English. The course itself is given in English.


RESERVOIR is a European Union FP7 funded project

For more information, please contact

Further information on RESERVOIR can be found at

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