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Le 21 Octobre 2011 de 19h00 à 20h30

By Stanley Moss


Ils y vont

  • Paul Richardet
  • Arijeet Chatterjee
  • Hugo Masclet
  • Amilcar Batista
  • Sam Bessalah
  • Michele-Jeanne Patry
  • Olivier Maggi
  • nancy kattau
  • Ugo Gagné
  • abou rejaily anthony
  • Romain Bosch
  • Ben mimoun
  • Mick Dupont
  • charline vergoz
  • Stanislas DELACOUR
  • Juan Diosdado
  • Marie BOULET
  • Sébastien Treguer
  • Vincent Dromer
  • Anastasia Glinskikh
  • Cédric Girardclos
  • Juan Diosdado
  • Jerome Gui
  • clare MOUNTFORT
  • Annick Buvron
  • david tysman
  • Gwennael tchoungui
  • Philippe Gomont
  • severine PLAISANCE
  • Dominique
  • fakhri oudjana
  • Dominique Colas
  • sylvain becquet
  • Charles Babin
How to Murder Your Brand in 5 Easy Steps

How to Murder Your Brand in 5 Easy Steps

You're launching your product or starting up your business and you know you need a strong brand. But people keep telling you different things, vendors keep trying to sell you solutions, and you can't even say what a brand really is. 

Stanley Moss is the irreverent and ioconoclastic CEO of Medinge, the Stockholm-based international think-tank on brands, and he has some expert advice for you, which may ease the process of creating a new brand. 

Join us at Silicon Sentier-La Cantine on 21 October for a workshop entitled "How To Murder Your Brand in 5 Easy Steps." 

You'll come away with a better understanding of how brands are built and how they work in today's ultra-connected high velocity marketplace.

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