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10/12/2010 - First Global Coworking Survey launched ( Administrator)

Until now, there have only been a handful of studies into the new collaborative workstyle known as coworking. Those that have taken place have focused on single countries or regions, or have been directed to coworking space managers instead of the members. A new initiative of organizations from Europe, North and South America and Asia aims to change this. In collaboration with Deskmag and a university, the participating groups have launched the first global coworking survey. Coworkers from any country can take part.
The survey focuses primarily on the coworker themselves, their interests, their work situations, and the changes that have occurred to them as a result of coworking. Ultimately, the coworking community succeeds because of the participation of individual members, whose ideas and values should be paramount. The questionnaire is available immediately at All responses to the survey are anonymous.

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